Our Ethos

Sustainability Plan – natural and recyclable

nenni & tom actively pursues business avenues that contribute to the development of locally based ventures, improving wasteful or polluting practices and human happiness, dignity and education. nenni & tom opts to do business with other local businesses, sourcing products and services from Australian made and owned companies only. nenni & tom uses all natural and recyclable products.

At the core of nenni & tom is the business of human happiness. Happy, healthy little bodies as a result of using nenni & tom products. The wellbeing of our furry little friends is another important value of nenni & tom – our products are cruelty free and produced without animal testing and we do not support the use of destructive palm oil.

Environmental Impacts

nenni & tom sources packaging made from recyclable materials. All products are made and manufactured in Australia using natural ingredients, where possible with a carbon neutral footprint.


nenni & tom are always investigating the possibility and feasibility of producing products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. nenni & tom plan to establish a research and development arm to identify potential innovations and efficiency gains with respects to environmental and social responsibility within the industry.

Australian Made logo     No Animal Testing     No Palm Oil


Love this stuff

got some at the Melbourne expo will be definitely buying more. You product has even been a big hit with daddy he thinks its fantastic he’s always like wheres the spray stuff as he hates getting creams on his hands and loves that he doesn’t need to rub it in

Kristy, Vic
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