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Little bums barrier spray by Nenni & Tom would have to be one of the most BEST baby products I’ve discovered since having my little one. Hannah is almost 7 months old and we have used it since birth, she has the softest little bottom, and touch wood we’ve never experienced nappy rash.

I absolutely love this product, not only is it convenient but it’s all natural which makes it so delicate on Hannah’s skin. I’ve also started using Nenni and Toms pawpaw and little bodies bath milk and these products are just as lovely, thanks Nenni & Tom, I love love love your products

Pat, Vic

I love love love your products

We love your little bums barrier spray

and so do the staff at our son’s childcare. They had never seen it before but they say

it’s so good on his skin.


We are regulars with nenni & tom!

Refuse to use anything else! Especially the barrier spray! Its perfection!! <3


This is

our go to nappy spray,

wouldn’t use or recommend anything else!!

spray on nappy rash cream

Omg the bum spray!!

A friend told me how good it was for their newborns first poop so it was the first thing I packed in my hospital bag… Soooo glad I did! I remember with my girls I had to really rub hard to get the meconium off their bots, but this time I sprayed the little bums barrier spray on at each nappy change in the hospital and the poop just wiped off so easily!!

Amazing stuff!!! A must for the hospital bag!

Kat, Vic
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Hey ladies I just have to give a shout out to nenni & tom’s little bums barrier spray.

I’ve been using this on Sophie since birth and poo literally slides off – we usually only need one wipe to freshen her up and that’s it.

The last two days we left the barrier spray at my mums so we used another brand and omg did we notice a difference. Poo was sticking to her, it was harder to get off, we were going through three or four wipes to get the job done and she was quite red. We are now back to using nenni & tom and all is right with the world.

Krystal, Vic

Love this stuff

got some at the Melbourne expo will be definitely buying more. You product has even been a big hit with daddy he thinks its fantastic he’s always like wheres the spray stuff as he hates getting creams on his hands and loves that he doesn’t need to rub it in

Kristy, Vic
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Tried your spray on barrier cream tonight and Absolutely LOVE it!! What a

life saver and game changer

– one less thing I need to wrestle a wriggly ten month old for when changing his nappy!

Bethea, Vic

Absolutely love this stuff!

So easy to apply, and so quick for my wiggly worm! Best product ever!

Diti, NSW

I am

loving the barrier spray

that I bought at the Melbourne expo, I love it!

Alise, Vic
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